Jourdanton council getting ready for summer activities

The Jourdanton City Council members met briefly on June 7 to discuss three items during their regular monthly meeting. Mayor Robert Williams called the meeting to order with all council persons present.

Council discussed some changes to Building Regulations of the Jourdanton City Code by adding Article 3.11, Private Arenas and Other Recreational Facilities, presented by Mayor Williams. Council approved the changes on a motion by Chester Gonzales, seconded by Jack Harrison, with Patsy Tymrak-Daughtrey casting the only dissenting vote.


City Manager Lamar Schulz requested action to reappoint Megan Cruz as a Planning and Zoning Committee member. Her term expired on May 31. No one else applied and Cruz was open to be reappointed. The term would expire on May 31, 2024.

Raul Morales made a motion, seconded by Karen Pesek, to reappoint Cruz.

Tymrak-Daughtrey stated the committee has 12 meetings a year. She checked Cruz’s absentee record and found that Cruz had been absent once this year and twice before that.

“We should have asked her to come here and explain the absences,” Tymrak Daughtrey said, noting the meetings adjourn if there is no quorum. She then made a motion to table the item. Motion died for lack of a second.

The council then voted to reappoint Cruz with Tymrak-Daughtrey casting the only negative vote.

New Sidewalks

The city manager presented a resolution declaring support for the proposed Transportation Alternatives Set Aside (TASA) Program Project.

The project and associated applications form would add new sidewalks on Highway 16, Schulz explained. The city is in support, he added.

Karen Pesek made a motion to approve the resolution which was seconded by Jack Harrison.

Tymrak-Daughtrey questioned how the city would fund the project if it doesn’t have $89,844.

Schulz responded that the city would allocate the money in the budget. The motion to support the project passed. Tymrak- Daughtrey cast the only “no” vote.

Meeting was then adjourned.

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