Jourdanton council discusses special use permits

The City Council of Jourdanton recognized Ramon De Leon for his 31 years of service as a member, and president, of the Jourdanton ISD Board of Trustees. A proclamation was read into the minutes and presented to De Leon by Mayor Susan Netardus. De Leon offered his sincere appreciation to all the elected officials, because he well knew they received very little recognition.

The consent agenda, which consists of the minutes from the previous meeting and the monthly bills were the first point of business. “Patsy” Patricia J. Elizabeth Tymrak-Daughtrey said the minutes should be tabled and redone because of the numerous errors. When this was denied, she began a litany of detailed corrections, mainly wanting her statements on the record and grammatical errors.

She made a motion that City Secretary Debbie Molina take her videotape and redo the minutes. Motion died due to lack of second. Tymrak then began to question the bills and went into confidential issues that were discussed in executive session. The City Attorney and the Mayor stopped her, since all items discussed in closed session are confidential. Donnie Blue moved to accept the consent agenda as presented; “Doc” Robert Williams seconded. Raul Morales, along with Blue and Williams, voted to pass. Tymrak and Chester Gonzales voted negative. Motion passed by majority vote.

Several people spoke during citizens comments, including someone who has been trying to get help or a variance on the lot she holds, which is smaller than allowed for a dwelling; another asked if the city was going to allow 8-liners to come into the city and finally, a gentleman asked about the fire hydrant at the show barn and encouraged the city to add that area to the annexation plan since they provided water to the area.

A special use permit for 608 Mulberry Street was requested, but upon further investigation, it was noted that the planning and zoning committee had not provided written approval to the council. In order to take care of this issue, the item would have to be published in the paper and the meeting could take place, with the committee, to approve or disapprove the variance. A special called meeting was set up for February 7 at 7:30 p.m. Motion passed, with Tymrak voting negative.

The second special use permit on the agenda was also tabled and will be taken care of at the special meeting. Tymrak voted negative again.

A change order was needed to add the remote access electronic security entrance to the Police Department. Motion passed with Tymrak voting negative. The final payment to Speed Fab-Crete Corporation, who built the new City Hall, was tabled, since there were a few issues.

Williams asked that there be a street repair priority list so that streets that really needed repair could be fixed. City Manager Dan Nick said that not much could be done until the water lines are finished, but it really depended on the location of the streets.

It was agreed that the posting location of the meeting agenda be on the front door, the side drive up window where payments are taken. Tymrak also wanted it posted on the website, but although the city has a website, it has not been updated for a long time. A motion was made and passed unanimously to post the agenda on the two windows.

An ordinance amending the rules for conducting meetings of the city council was passed, with Tymrak voting negative. The city attorney had made the changes as per the will of the council from the previous meeting.

Tymrak said that the city was only charging $9.50 per 1,000 gallons of water for bulk usage and that was done by honor system. They have a $20 management fee and a $200 deposit. Steve Estrada, Public Works Director, said that the contractors buy the meters and keep them locked. Tymrak moved to amend the ordinance to keep it more in line with what Pleasanton does, that is a $900 deposit, $40 monthly fee, meter provided by the city and usage billed by the city and charge $10 per 1,000 gallons. Gonzales seconded the motion, but Morales, Blue and Williams voted against, so motion failed.

Her next agenda item was for the City Manager to conduct flow and pressure rate on all city owned fire hydrants and to repair them to optimum level of operation by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. She maintained that the city council owns those hydrants and they would be held negligent if they were not repaired. Gonzales seconded her motion, which opened the floor for discussion. City Manager Dan Nick said that there were none that needed repair. Those with bags over them were new and did not have water to them yet. Currently, there are 100 hydrants, but he plans to increase that to 200 with grant money over the next couple of years. Although they are not required to test them except every 10 years, the hydrants were tested over 2012 and 2013. Fire Chief David Prasfika that the city is testing adequately. Motion failed, three to two.

Tymrak requested a status report from Ford Nassen P.C. regarding the request for proposals for a baseball facility on property that was leased by the city from the county then sub-leased to the Jourdanton Little League. She said she had waited over seven months for the report. Nick assured her that there were legal issues between the county and property owner. Williams, who was on the original committee, said there were no plans and no payments made due to the legal issues. Everything is on hold until the county and landowner come to an agreement.

Newly elected officials are required to take a certain amount of training. One possible avenue is through the TML Conference that is coming up. The item was tabled for the time.

The Open House for the new facility will be held on Thursday, January 30. The dedication of the historical marker will be held at 3:30 p.m., ribbon cutting will be at 4:00 p.m. and there will be tours until 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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