Jourdanton council chambers filled, citizens air concerns

Supporters of former Jourdanton Police Officer Tina Egelston arrived at the regular Jourdanton City Council meeting on Monday June 20 filling the seats of City Hall.

As regular council business was addressed, Council Member, Karen Pesek asked City Manager Kendall Schorsch to elaborate regarding the recent employee resignations, which included that of Tina Egelston listed on the City Manager’s report, page 3.

Schorsch stated on June 9 it was brought to his attention that Egelston had turned in a security officer payment voucher to the school for time worked during Jourdanton High School graduation. This raised a question because he believed that the city had already paid her for those hours. He stated that after further investigation it was proven she had in fact already been paid for working graduation. He said the check had been cashed on June 4, and the security officer voucher payment had been turned into the school on June 6 with a check issued from the school and given to the officer on June 8. Schorsch stated when confronted with those facts, Egelston chose to resign.

With the building full, five community members took their five minutes to verbalize concern regarding Egelston’s resignation.

Patricia Jean Elizabeth Tymrak Daughtrey addressed the council stating that the Texas Workforce Commission releases publications and newsletters for employers and employees. She said they also provide a newsletter with frequently asked questions and other legal information aimed at explaining what is accepted or denied when filing for unemployment. She encouraged council members, to subscribe. Mrs. Daughtrey stated she had not spoken to any of the employees that have recently resigned from the City of Jourdanton, but it would be of benefit for them to file for unemployment. Referring to the resignation of Officer Egelston, she said she feels a wrong has been committed and feels it should be corrected and she herself will take action to help correct it.

Dayna Tate spoke next. She asked for spectators present who wanted the council to investigate the allegations and speculations surrounding the resignation of Tina Egelston to stand, which was the majority of those present. Tate said she couldn’t speak for the parties involved but that she felt that Tina’s integrity is being defamed by the allegations of overstating payroll hours. She repeated that she didn’t know the facts, but felt that as a member of the community she had a right to ask the council to look into the matter. Tate said she hopes the council will take action and that it won’t be left to the supporters to take action on their own. She stated that the supporters will be at every Jourdanton City Council meeting until they feel a proper resolution has been obtained.

As of press time, the Jourdanton City Council had not made the decision to call a special meeting.

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