Jourdanton City Council meets

The regular meeting of the Jourdanton City Council was held on August 21, with Mayor Robert “Doc” Williams presiding. After the approval of the Consent Agenda and acceptance of departmental reports, the first item of business was the discussion of the re-plat of the school district property on 200 Zanderson Avenue. This was discussed last month and approved for a single plat of the entire school district property, with the City abandoning some alleyways. The council accepted the single plat as presented, with Jack Harrison moving, Karen Pesek seconding and Johnette “Johnnie” Goetzel also voting for the measure. Chester Gonzales and Raul “Roy” Morales were not present at the meeting.

A resolution was passed to sell a parcel of land to Tom Joseph and Alfred Steinle that is adjacent to another property they currently own. The lot is too small for any other person to buy and build on and has been off the tax rolls for many months. The members decided unanimously to sell the land, with the additional condition that the 2018 taxes be paid.

The Mayor was approved to enter into a contract with the Atascosa County Election Administrator for the General City Election to be held on November 6. With the county having purchased new voting machines, the portion of the cost that belongs to the city has increased considerably from last year. It is now $7,764.08, if there is not a run-off election. Positions are open for Gonzales, Morales and the Mayor seats.

Because the current health insurance for the employees has gone up by 53.39% over last year’s, City Manager Lamar Schulz asked that he be allowed to draft RFP and go out for proposals with other companies. Motion was unanimously accepted.

Schulz wanted to notify Waste Management of the city’s intention to not renew services with them. The contract will renew automatically if they do not contact them. He wants to go out for bids for services, for which Waste Management can bid again. Council members approved this motion unanimously.

The October meeting date was changed to October 22 because there was a conflict with the TML Annual Conference.

At 6:26 p.m., the council adjourned into closed session to confer with their attorney regarding a recent personnel investigation. Upon reconvening into open session at 7:09 p.m., no action was taken.

Harrison let everyone know that the Rotary Club would be holding the enchilada dinner from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on September 21 prior to the Homecoming game. It will be held in the new Elementary Cafeteria. The proceeds go toward their scholarship fund.

Pesek announced the Christine Church Picnic and Rodeo on September 1 and 2.

Police Chief Eric Kaiser said that JPD will hold their own National Night Out celebration at the Sports Complex on October 2. The past several years, they have combined forces with Pleasanton PD, but this year they will have their own, with the Jourdanton VFD, McMullen and Atascosa Counties Sheriff’s Departments joining in. He has also attended a Be Safe Workshop that teaches officers how to interact with developmentally disabled kids. He wants to bring the workshop to his department and is working toward that goal.

For inclusion on a future agenda, Pesek asked about discussing not allowing plastic bags in the city anymore, because of the environmental factors.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

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