JISD School Board president Barbara Peeler

Barbara Peeler has served on the Jourdanton ISD School Board for over 40 years. She first joined the board in 1975 and with the exception of three years, she has remained on the board.

Peeler was named school board president in the fall of 2014, when Pamela Manning stepped down.

Peeler shared many examples of how the board and district demonstrate this year’s School Board Recognition Month theme of “Planting Seeds of Success.”

Peeler said Jourdanton ISD does their best to keep students on track and aid in their success, such as giving help when needed and by instilling new programs. The district has worked to increase test scores and see that all students graduate.

She added that Jourdanton ISD has the best staff members, who are dedicated to teaching students in whatever area they are working in.

“We try to keep our environment positive,” Peeler said.

She said Jourdanton ISD Superintendent Theresa McAllister and all the administration are wonderful.

McAllister is known to many of the students throughout JISD.

“Leadership is the key. Those are the main seeds we can plant.”

The board also reviews data, such as looking at their failure rates during the six weeks. They encourage students to work hard and have worked seriously on the bullying issues, said Peeler. They also encourage students to participate in the variety of programs JISD offers.

The school has put in place random drug testing, promoted current events and activities on the Jourdanton Pride Facebook page and encouraged parental involvement.

“This is a wonderful board- the best one I’ve been on.”

All seven board members graduated from Jourdanton High School and most of them went through their entire school careers at only JISD. They want students to be prepared to be productive, responsible adults, which is part of the reason they enforce the dress code. They want students to be respectful and have faith and pride in their country.

“We are pretty proud of our school. We want our kids to be successful and do their best. They won’t always be the winner, but we like to think we have given them the opportunity to participate and do their best.”

“We want to see them graduate. We like to think we have given them the background so that when they leave they have goals and they can follow through.”

Peeler said if she had to leave the school board, she would know 100 percent that it was being left in good hands. She added that they look after the taxpayers and are conscious of the money spent. They would like to see teachers given a raise, something currently being discussed by Texas legislators.

In seven-eight years, the board members have never had a split vote. They make great things happen by discussing ideas. Each board member has an opinion, which they voice nicely.

“This particular school board, we all know what Jourdanton High School did for us. We want to pass that on.”

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