JISD budget amended due to San Miguel property appraisal valuation adjustment

The Jourdanton School Board opened their monthly meeting by recognizing the State Powerlifting team and their coaches. This is the second year in a row that the team from Jourdanton has won the state competition. This team is a whole new group of talent: last year’s winners were graduating seniors. There are seniors this year, too, with only a couple of the boys coming back next year. Kudos went to the coaches, as well. Coach Paul Kirby said that it was an “honor to coach these students all year; to see their progress and watch them become successful at what they do.” He reiterated that the team gave above and beyond to get where they are.

The regular business began with the consent agenda, which consists of the minutes from previous meetings, business office report and the payment of bills. Tax collection for the month is $103,381.84. Total of all bills is $711,24.61.

Lanny Wheeler moved to accept as presented: Phillip Netardus seconded. Motion passed with Mary Ramirez, Vance Jupe voting. Tricia Taylor and Amador Lugo, Jr. were both out. The conflict of interest bills were approved with President Barbara Peeler abstaining.

The board approved a budget amendment brought about due to the lawsuit brought by San Miguel against the Atascosa

County Appraisal District. Their value went from $85 million to $38 million. The company overpaid their taxes so now JISD will have to refund that, plus interest. The amount returned to San Miguel is about $221,000. Superintendent Lana Collavo is working with the state to see if there can be any assistance from them. Amendment passed unanimously.

An annual requirement for school districts is to certify that the money they receive from the state as instructional materials allotment is used for that purpose only. They only receive $140,000 over two years for textbooks and the technology that goes along with it. The motion was approved as presented.

In an attempt to comply with the federal mandates and get more variety in the daily lunches, Collavo requested that she be allowed to go out for proposals for food management companies, in accordance with the Texas Department of Agriculture. The vote was unanimous to go forward.

The school has five mobile homes located at 214 S. Hwy. 16 that they would like to sell so that they can use the property for something else. It was decided that there would be a silent auction and whoever won would have 30 days to remove them. They are a 1996 and two 1984 model homes, without wheels. Date would be decided later.

The board also unanimously approved the resolution to purchase property at 206 Tamarac from Tina Collins Lameire and authorized Collavo to act on behalf of the board to complete the purchase.

An executive meeting was called at 8:00 p.m. Upon returning at 8:36 p.m. they moved and approved the hiring of a PE and High School coach Truman Reagan for the 2015/16 school year for 202 days.

Collavo reported that three more buses have been outfitted with cameras. Renee Walker will be retiring. Collavo also said she wrote to Representative Guillen and Senator Uresti against school vouchers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

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