JHS UIL District results; ready for Regionals

Here are the results of the Jourdanton High School UIL Academic District Contest in Natalia:

Current Issues and Events: 1st place- Ryan Bailey, 2nd place- Joshua Alvarez, 4th place- Luke Jordan and 5th place- Hayden Schmidt, individuals and 1st place team. They will advance to Regionals.

Journalism team results:

Copy editing: 2nd place- Vanessa Vacca and 4th place- Tristen Ramirez, Headline Writing 1st place- Nick Rodriguez, 2nd place- Havyn Cervantes and 4th place- Allexus Lopez;

Editorial Writing 2nd place- Tristen Ramirez and 4th place- Fernando Jasso; Feature Writing: 4th place- Allexus Lopez and 6th place- Havyn Cervantes; News Writing: 1st place- Alexis Welch and 6th place- Havyn Cervantes. First place team.

Computer Applications results: 1st place- Ryan Ortiz, 3rd place- Soledad Bautista and 4th place- Elizabeth Plascencia. First place team.

Calculator Applications: 4th place- Carli Foster and 5th place- Nicole Zuhlke.

Accounting team results: 1st place- Dimitri Everitt, 2nd place- Destiny Gallegos, 4th place- Ryan Ortiz and 6th place- Martina Davila. First place team.

Literary Criticism: 3rd place- Alexis Welch, 5th place- Destiny Ovalle and 6th place- Macey Minton.

Mathematics: 2nd place- Carli Foster and 3rd place- Abbie Lanier.

Number Sense: 5th place tie- Aseel Abu Rome and Carlos Gonzalez.

Spelling and Vocabulary: 2nd place- Chelsea Delagarza.

Speaking events:

LD Debate 1st place- Nik Ramos.

Poetry Interpretation: 1st place- Gabriel Paz, 2nd place- Alexis Sandoval, 6th place- Kelly House.

Prose Interpretation: 1st place- Daniece Mueller, 2nd place- Isela Wilson, 3rd place- Jack Fournier.

Persuasive Speaking: 1st place- Taylor Weber, 2nd place- Kelly House, 3rd place- Nik Ramos.

Informative Speaking: 1st place- Kennedy Huizar. First Place Team.

Social Studies results: 1st place- Casey Burns and 3rd place- Ryan Bailey. First place team.

JHS District UIL Academic Champions with 556 points.

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