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Prepare yourselves for the 72nd Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 5-7. The biggest festival in Atascosa County guarantees a fun time for all with a variety of food, crafts and performances for everyone!

Atomic Punks

The Atomic Punks are a tribute to early Van Halen, the David Lee Roth era, formed in 1994.

This year they celebrate their 25th anniversary! The band will perform 10:30 p.m.-midnight on Bud Light Stage #8- VFW Pavilion.

Voted “Best Tribute Band” by LA’s Rock City News three years in a row, the Atomic Punks have created a national following that continues to grow by leaps and bounds all the time.

In his 1997 auto-biography “Crazy from the Heat,” former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth referred to the Atomic Punks as “The best tribute to Van Halen ever!”

Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony performed a set with the Atomic Punks in Pasadena, Calif., and said “I feel like I am back in 1982 performing with the old band!”

There is one important point the band always makes clear at their shows. The Atomic Punks don’t think they are Van Halen, they simply love to play old Van Halen and it shows in their amazingly realistic, power-packed stage show. No Van Halen tribute band captures the note for note performance and feel of an old show like the Atomic Punks. If you love vintage Van Halen, and wish you could experience and relive the energy the “Mighty” VH created with “Diamond” Dave behind the mic, you do not want to miss the Atomic Punks.

Back in Black

The Back in Black tribute band is an incredible, exciting, high energy reproduction of a concert performance of AC/DC. So authentic, the lead singer auditioned for the real AC/DC March of 2016!

Back in Black will perform on Bud Light Stage #8- VFW Pavilion

Formed in 2001, Back in Black remains one of the top-drawing, and longest-enduring tribute acts in North America, having performed to hundreds of thousands at sold-out shows from Honolulu, Hollywood, and Puerto Rico — to Calgary, Canada (concert performance with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra).

All the members of Back in Black live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are experienced musicians, not only dedicated to the sound and look, but also capturing the power and excitement of AC/DC. They stand above the other AC/DC tributes because they include tribute performances of both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

Back in Black members are: Darren Caperna – vocals, Mike Mroz – lead guitar, Sheldon Conrad – bass, Ramiro Noriega – guitar and Ken Schiumo – drums.

David Lee Garza y los Musicales

Tejano legends David Lee Garza y los Musicales will be among the festival headliners on Saturday evening from 9:30-11 p.m. They will perform on Bud Light Stage #8- VFW Pavilion.

Poteet native David Lee Garza continues to maintain a loyal following with his combination of progressive Conjunto and distinctive Tejano music formulas.

After more than 30 years in the business, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales have generated hit after hit with a combination of easily danceable melodies and earthy roots music blend of Country, Tex-Mex and straight up Tejano.

David Lee’s unique accordion style music is readily recognized. For this reason it is not difficult to find David Lee collaborating with other Tejano music-recording Grammy Award-winning artists like: Little Joe y La Familia, Jimmy Gonzales, La Firma, Bobby Pulido, Joel Guzman, Joe Posada, or Americana favorite artists like Kevin Fowler or Cory Morrow, T Graham Brown, Johnny Rodriguez and Johnny Bush.

Born and raised in Poteet, David Lee began playing the accordion with his father, Tony and formed a local circuit group known as David Lee y Su Conjunto, rarely venturing out of their area. The Musicales are truly a family dynasty: David handles the accordion and 2nd vocals; his brother Richard, plays bass guitar; brother Adam handles the drums; Oscar “WoWee” Montemayor is on saxophone, Billy O’Rourke on bajo-sexto and guitar and vocals, Daniel Fernandez keyboards, and John Cruz on electric guitar, with Cezar Martinez handling Lead Vocals.

Randy Rogers Band

Randy Rogers Band announces the release of its new 11-track album Hellbent (Tommy Jackson Records, marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers) on April 26. Produced by four-time GRAMMY-winner Dave Cobb, Hellbent marks the band’s eighth studio album in almost 19 years, offering another dose of high-octane country music fueled by the group’s unique brotherhood, deep history, and fearless spirit.

The band will be among this year’s headliners, with showtime at 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 7 on Bud Light Stage #8- VFW Pavilion.

The band’s first single “Crazy People” reflects a unique aspect of Rogers’ life growing up.

“I used to be scared of neon signs at restaurants because it had been drilled in my head that people were drinking and therefore, they were crazy,” he says, recalling his strict upbringing. “We took the irony and had some fun with it.”

For nearly two decades, Randy Rogers Band has featured the same lineup. This makes the group an anomaly in a business where bandmates come and go. What’s even more rare is Randy Rogers Band’s homegrown success on the road, where the Texas-based musicians have built a diverse, loyal audience that stretches far beyond the limits of their home state.

Aaron Watson

Headliner and Texas Country music artist Aaron Watson will perform at 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 6 on Bud Light Stage #8-VFW Pavilion.

Watson remains strikingly similar to the people that still dot his native West Texas. They’re a rugged people, proud of home but humble and hardworking, the first to help a neighbor but also fiercely independent. And Watson is unquestionably one of them. “I’ve always considered myself an anti rock star,” Watson says, his drawl cracking slightly as he grins. “People don’t like me because I’m a rock star. People like me because I’m just like them.”

Gary Hobbs

Gary Hobbs’ rise among Tejano Music’s elite performers has taken years of determination. Gary’s history of hit records, gold and platinum awards, industry achievements, humanitarian contributions and hard work are legendary. Gary is an artist with a great tradition of excellent music with his very own style which makes him one of the most versatile singers in the Tejano Music Industry. His non-stop touring, recording and dedication to the Tejano industry have earned him the respect of his peers and adoration of his of fans.

Michael Salgaldo

Tejano singer/accordionist Michael Salgado gained prominence in the mid-’90s by looking back to the norteño sound influenced by Ramon Ayala, and introduced the style to the younger generation. He organized his backing band — brothers Ernie and James on guitar and drums, respectively, with bass player Joe Tanguma — when he was just 19, and began hitting the Latin music charts in 1995 with his single “Cruz de Madera.” Salgado’s 1996 album En Concierto introduced his most popular single extant, the Top 20 hit “Sin Ella.” Mi Primer Amor followed in 1997.

Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum will headline on Saturday, April 6 from 11:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Bud Light Stage #13-Lions Pavillion.

Parker McCollum comes from a no-nonsense, hard-working family. His was the sort of upbringing where “if you’re going to do something and you’re not going to do it one-hundred percent; you shouldn’t do it all.” It’s why this 25-year-old treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedication, reverence, and — as he readily admits — even a bit of obsession.

Parker says when a particular melody, lyric or emotion tugs at him he might stay in his room for days working on it. He can’t help himself.

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