It’s not Miller time: Beer truck thief sentenced to 20 years in prisonFree Access

Gabriel Hilario Reyes

On November 06, 2018, Gabriel Hilario Reyes was driving on Highway 97 near the TexBest gas station at the intersection with Interstate 37 when he crashed his vehicle into the ditch. Across the street, a Miller Lite 18-wheeler was delivering beer to the TexBest gas station. Reyes stole the truck and began to drive through Pleasanton. Police were able to catch up and chased the truck for several miles.

During the pursuit, the rear door of the 18-wheeler was open and the Reyes was driving all over the road, sometimes in the oncoming lanes of traffic. Eventually the truck jackknifed, totaling the newly purchased truck. While being apprehended, the defendant assaulted Deputy Kaufman with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office and was eventually charged with Evading Arrest in a Vehicle, Theft of Property Valued between $35,000-$100,000, and Assault on a Public Servant.

Reyes was high at the time and was apprehended with cocaine across his top lip, forming a “cokestache”. Baggies of cocaine were found in his previously crashed vehicle as well. Reyes had previously been to prison for Enhanced Assault Involving Family Violence, Tampering with Evidence, and Possession a Controlled Substance in a Correctional Facility. Reyes pled guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Institutional Division. The District Attorney’s Office would like to thank the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office and other involved agencies in quickly apprehending the suspect and preventing a potential tragedy.

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  1. Juan G Martinez says:

    I guess he can now officially say it’s Miller Time in prison!

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