It feels weird without Cowboy Homecoming being this week

I’ll admit, it is weird not planning for Cowboy Homecoming this weekend.

While I understand the combination of it with Turn-N-Burn will be a great festival atmosphere, I feel lost.

For one, we are usually bustling around our office preparing for our annual Wild Bill Cowboy Gallop. We changed the name last year to include our dear Wild Bill Wilkerson to celebrate his memory. Bill loved our 5K runs and all the folks who would return each year because we put on a great event. Oh, and we served beer!

We have had several phone calls asking about our run (they are confused, too) and even about Cowboy Homecoming.

Do not be disappointed! The festival will happen March 10-11 and will include the barbeque cook-off, parade, queen’s coronation and yes, the Wild Bill Cowboy Gallop!

Another reason I feel lost, is I will miss roaming the grounds and chatting up friends and visitors. 

Cowboy Homecoming is always a great time to see folks I haven’t seen in awhile – even the ones that I would volunteer with each year.

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce is busy planning for the event and the process for selecting  the Cowboy Homecoming Queen is being set. Pleasanton ISD junior and senior girls will be able to apply the first part of November.

Cindy Mumm at the chamber already has 15 food vendors signed up and barbeque teams are inquiring about the event, too.

The way I see it,  Cowboy Homecoming/Turn-N-Burn is less than five months away and it looks like it is on track and will be even better than before!


SUE BROWN  is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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