Is this “Black Friday Girl” really calling it quits?!

Could it be true? Am I hanging up my circulars?



It appears to be so. At least for this year. As much as I love the thrill of a good deal, I am not going to be hitting the stores this Black Friday.

I’m old. And tired. And no one wants to go with me anymore. LOL Although, a couple friends have asked if I was going and even offered to get me things while they go to the sales in San Antonio, but I will not.

Honestly, I haven’t had time to look through this year’s sales. I’m not prepared and I don’t like to things at less than 100 percent. I don’t have it in me this year. I have lost my Black Friday Magic. I hope I do obtain it for next year, but this year it doesn’t seem to be happening. I am not SOLD on it.

It was fun and I had a good run. I have saved lots of money in previous years and enjoyed the time bonding with my mom, sister and friends as we waited for hours standing with our hand on items anticipating the PA announcement that we “may now put items” in our baskets.

I will miss that. I like getting up before the sun and getting in a cold car with my mother. Then getting breakfast or at least coffee when we’re done most likely at Whataburger.

I will however be enjoying that other thing everyone else does on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Sleep. Complete with a belly full of good food and heart warmed by family and friends.

For those of you that are venturing out, I bid you lots of luck, warmth and the ability to not want to hit someone over an $18 vacuum cleaner. Glorious Black Friday to all. I’ll see you on the interwebs for Cyber Monday.



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