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It is a parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child at any stage in life. Audrey and Kevin McCleary’s nightmare became a reality one year ago tomorrow, January 18, 2017. Both of their children Madison and Tanner were killed in an auto crash on their way to school.

But, instead of focusing on their loss, they turned it into a movement to honor the young lives of their children.

Wristbands with the message #spreadkindnessforMandT were made and have been distributed far and wide.

They are a small reminder – a gentle nudge so to speak – to try and be kind and do these acts in their memory.

One of my most favorite quotes is one by Henry James. “Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.

I try to keep this in my mind. I try to honor these wonderful human beings that left this world way too early. They were strangers to me, but they soon became part of my thoughts and a part of me.

Being kind – helpful, supportive, strong, any positive thought or action – is done from the inspiration their parents saw in them and have passed on to so many others.

The way I see it, any act of kindness – small or large will certainly keep these siblings’ memories alive. It really isn’t that difficult to do. Sometimes a smile, holding a door open for a senior citizen or volunteering in any capacity will do.

Spread the kindness, indeed.

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