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Woo! Here we are four weeks into the Fight to Be Fit challenge. I’d like to thank all of you at home for following and participating along with us. I also want to thank and congratulate all the staff here at the Pleasanton Express for doing this with me and of course, for yourselves. You won’t regret it.

Our office “Losers” this week are Michele Vecchiarino, Robbie Hamby, Eric Smith, David Wickersham and myself. Congrats all!

I had to make more adjustments to my workout this past week. I did give the working out in the morning a shot and it seemed that my kids have been waking up earlier and earlier with the means to sabotage me. But, I’m not gonna let it stop me. I jogged a good thirty minutes Tuesday morning only to find out that I did not give myself enough time to cool down. I couldn’t cool off at all. I figured after I took my shower I would be set, but no. I found that my face was still flushed. Either way it did give me a lot of energy to take on my day. My plan is that before you even read this article I will have my workout complete.

This week on our Fight to Be Fit Facebook page we held a drawing. Congratulations to this week’s winners Janet Bingham Jackson, Tommie Salinas, Bobby Jo Gonzales, Lois Tymrak and Gabriela Rodriguez.If you’ve won and haven’t picked up your prize yet come on by or give me a call at 830-281-2341. We will be giving away more prizes soon so make sure to stop by our page and like us.

The Cowboy Gallop 5K Run and 2 Mile Fun walk is right around the corner. I’m asking for everyone to head on down to the Pleasanton River Park on Saturday, October 27 to do either the walk or the run. I will be walking this year, but hopefully next year I will take on the run. You can come by the office to register or download a form from our website. Click on the Sports tab then the Sports Document link at the top. If you pre-register it is$12. If you register at the event it will be $15. The first 150 to sign up for either the 5K or Fun Walk will receive a T-shirt. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Check out the great information that Jenise Shaver, STRMC Clinical Dietician has given us. Great tips!

Benefits of Walking – (2000 steps equal 1 mile)

Builds and maintains
healthy bones, muscles, and
Improves balance and
muscle strength.
Helps burn calories and
promote weight loss.
Lowers risk of colon cancer and diabetes.
Makes your heart stronger and helps control blood
Promotes psychological
well-being and self-esteem.
Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

Steps to Eating Better-Strategies for LIFE!

Eat at least 5 servings of
fruits and vegetables every
Colorful vegetables have
more nutrition, go easy on
Drink at least 6 to 8
glasses of water per day.
Coffee and tea contain
caffeine which is dehydrating
Stay away from FAD diets.

Focus on what you are
eating and portion sizes
Always eat Breakfast and
don’t skip meals.
Eating regularly, with
smaller more frequent meals
helps increase metabolism
and therefore burn more
Get more fiber and calcium in the food you eat.
Read labels and aim for
25-30 gm fiber daily, and eat
calcium rich foods like dark
green leafy vegetables or take
a calcium supplement.
Cut out fat.
Bake, broil or roast your
meats instead of frying

Calories Burned per Hour
of Exercise
Cooking/Cleaning =175-350
Walking Slowly=200-250
Brisk Walking=250-350
Gardening (heavy) =450-

Special thanks to STRMC
for their contribution and
to South Texas Nutrition for
their constant support. Go
by and check out their new
seasonal flavors, Pumpkin
Pie, Apple Crisp and Dulce de
Leche. Yum!

Special thanks to

for their support





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