In response to Judge Hurley’s June 17 Report

Letter to the Editor

Judge Hurley wants to use the current school building that houses the JJAEP for storage and files and move the students and teachers to a donated portable building. The JJAEP is also known as the Larry Brown School. I am wondering if the judge intentionally left out Larry Brown because he knew that the old, donated, and dilapidated portable building where he would like to relocate the Larry Brown School is an eyesore and would be an insult to his legacy. Does Judge Hurley know that the National Education Foundation President has stated that, “the physical condition of public schools is critical to student achievement and teacher morale.” Research has clearly shown that school conditions impact student learning. Judge Hurley stated, that “everyone will benefit” from this transfer, but that is just not the case, especially for the students in this situation. It’s pretty sad that the county animal shelter is a much nicer facility than the one where he wants to teach troubled youth. He has stated that he will fix it up, but I cannot see how you can fix this building without doing a complete renovation and I’m sure the county does not have the funds for that. If it does, why not use those funds to repair the portable building to become the storage facility and leave The Larry Brown School alone? How many different quotes did he seek for a new building? I’ve heard that there are unfinished areas in the new courthouse. If this is true, use the portable repair money to finish a room in the courthouse where it would make sense to store files there. The late and sweet Ms. Thelma Cardwell often volunteered at the school and has asked for memorial donations to be made to the Larry Brown School in lieu of flowers. I am confident that she meant those donations to be used for art projects and other extra curricular activities for the students at the school and NOT used for repairing an old portable building which is what will happen if Judge Hurley gets his way. If there are readers who feel the same way, please contact Judge Hurley at 830-769-3093 and voice your concern so he can find an alternative space for the county files and records.

Best regards,

Stephanie Brown and the Larry Brown Family

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