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I admit it. I’m a sucker for Christmas music. So much so, that I checked 101.9 radio station BEFORE Thanksgiving to see if they had started and they had!

I’m also a sucker for Christmas movies, but let me address my music affliction first. Not only do I love carols of all sorts, new Christmas songs, old ones and those in between, I also find myself humming them while I’m doing most things. Like right now, I have “White Christmas” in my head.

So, last week, I failed to make it to the Pleasanton High School band concert but vowed to go to their jazz concert this past Monday.

I set three reminders on my phone so I wouldn’t miss it and I’m proud to say that I was there on time.

The band director, Ralph Unger, is very proud of these musicians. Some are playing instruments they don’t normally play in regular band, but they all played very well.

He introduced each tune and shared a tidbit of information I didn’t know.

One of the songs for the evening was “Let it Snow” and was actually written in July during a heat wave by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne. They were imagining cooler weather as they sweltered in Hollywood. The popular song is a Christmas favorite even though Christmas isn’t in the lyrics at all.

Hats off to these students for a wonderful evening of music.

Now to address my penchant for Christmas movies – particularly Hallmark ones.

Please don’t judge. And yes, I realize they are basically the same movie, with different people and locations. My daughter Allison came over and saw I had on a movie and asked “Which one is this?” I replied, “Oh you know. The one about the guy who doesn’t have Christmas spirit and also doesn’t know that he is in love with his former girlfriend.” Of course she replied, “Isn’t that every Hallmark movie?”

Pretty much!

The way I see it, anything that helps me to get in the spirit/swing of the holiday mood is okay by me.

And, just a heads up, try to make these high school concerts. They really are amazing! And a bonus tonight … I actually know two members of the band. Great job Robert Rutherford and Gavin Garcia – I’m so proud of you guys and your bandmates!

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