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This week I am in love with the City of Pleasanton’s Public Market which is coming to historic Main Street. This public market is part of Phase II of the Pleasanton River Park Master Plan Renovation. The market is being described as having the vibe of the Pearl and La Cantera. The Pleasanton Express will be covering this story from start to finish. Please see News Editor, Rebecca Pesqueda’s story about Pleasanton’s Public Market on page 1A.

I am also in love with how fast our community is moving to ensure that a zinc smelt plant does not receive a permit to make its home in Whitsett. I received four calls Wednesday morning from community members who asked, “Do you know about this smelt plant?” The Pleasanton Express immediately jumped into action joining forces with the Whitsett Community Improvement Association to gather facts on how to help stop this plant from obtaining a possible 30-50-year lease. A meeting will be held tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Whitsett Community Center, 715 N. Hwy. 281A. Please, if you can, attend this meeting. There is power in numbers. See Lisa Luna’s story on page 1A for more details.

I am in love with our advertisers – each and every one of them. Every week, the Pleasanton Express creates a 1/4 page Thank You ad naming every advertiser from the week prior who help pay for this week’s newspaper. We run this in color in the front section then share it weekly on our social media which has 30,000 followers. When you run an ad with the Pleasanton Express we make every attempt to give you added value across all our platforms. In this week’s issue, the Pleasanton Express gave a Valentine’s Day gift to retailers who count on this holiday for a big part of their sales. These retailers are part of The Buzz, a weekly guide to shopping services and special offers around town. If you would like to become part of The Buzz or advertise, please contact Rhonda at 830-569-6130.

I am in love with our readers and our followers. Thank you for still believing in and being loyal to community news. The Pleasanton Express has been committed since 1909 to one thing and one thing only–telling your stories. No other news organization tells the stories of Atascosa County as consistently and thoroughly as the Pleasanton Express. Our award-winning team of professionals love this community and it shows in our pages both print and electronic and on our social media. News can be as big as a smelt plant to as small but still important as a student making the Dean’s list. If you have news, big or small or in between, let us know. We would love to tell your story. Simply email news@pleasantonexpress.com or call 830-569- 6130 and ask for Rebecca or Noel.

I am in love with the Pleasanton Express team. I hope you have a chance to get to know each one of them. They are Rhonda Chancellor, Business Manager; Rebecca Pesqueda, News Editor; Lisa Luna, Living Editor; Sam Fowler, Sports Editor; Loni Just, Ag Editor and Classifieds Ad Manager; Aaron Davidson, Graphic Designer; Emily Mann, Staff Reporter and Social Media Manager; Melissa Theis, Staff Writer/Proofreader; Larry Esquivel, Distribution Manager; and David Chapa Distribution; plus interns Heaven Marquez, Mercedes Sanchez and Gabi Ruiz. Special shout out to our work buddy partner, Robbie Denson, who on Tuesday nights helps to make all our work better.

To each of you, much love to you and yours this Valentine’s Day.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com.

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