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Last week, my two younger kids had a doctor appointment in San Antonio.

It’s been a while since we have seen this particular doctor and I couldn’t remember exactly how to get there. So, I google mapped directions. But I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

So on the way up I called my friend Jenci. Her kids have seen that pulmonologist for years and she easily gave me directions. I jotted them down while sitting in a parking lot in Pleasanton. By this time, I had signed my kids out of school and we made a quick swing by Sonic for lunch.

I had gotten them a little earlier than was necessary because I wasn’t sure how the trip would go. So, I figured, if I was early enough, I would go ahead and make a stop or two.

We skeddadled on our way and had time to stop at the western wear store for a couple of jeans for my ever growing teen-aged boy. He’s hard to fit. Long and lean. He basically has two options, high-waters that fit in the waist or ones that fit nicely in the length, but are pretty baggy. He prefers the baggy. He also just had to have this new jacket. I didn’t see it as a need so promised he would pay me back….I still haven’t seen the cash…because it is lost somewhere in his room.

At any rate, the pants and jacket were purchased and we headed to the doc. We were still a bit early, and had to sit in the parking lot a few minutes. One kid napped, one kid chatted and I checked my ever important social media.

After a bit, we headed in. And of course, I couldn’t remember what floor we were supposed to be on. I thought possibly 4th…Nope, that wasn’t it. Fifth, there we go… We rounded the corner to the doctors office and entered an empty waiting room.

That didn’t strike me, I’ve seen that particular waiting room empty before. I went to the receptionist’s window and both of the ladies looked at me funny.

I said “I’m here for Erin and Colton’s appointment.”

One said “Um, that appointment is for tomorrow.” Well, poo, I thought, and probably verbalized, feeling pretty frustrated with myself. The girl was sweet and assured me that this happens a lot more frequently than people realize.

She said that they would normally squeeze the kids in, but the doctor doesn’t see patients on Wednesdays. She isn’t at the office. She is at the hospital the whole day. Well, of course.

So, off we went, back home.

The next day , I had to make my mistake known to the public, when I had to leave from work at lunch. And, once again, when I had to sign the kids out of school early.

But at least this time, I knew exactly where I was headed and how long it would take. The sweet staff didn’t even remind me of my early arrival the day before.

After the appointment we had a good time, stopping at the mall to shop for a bit and then making our way to Starbucks and the bookstore.

Which, basically means, this girl on a budget overspent. And why not, it’s the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of extra cash about now (tongue in cheek y’all, tongue in cheek).

But all this to say, when I get frustrated at my kids for being so disorganized (refer back to the lost money), I gotta remember, they probably came by this honest. But, hey, I’m getting better, I got my kids to their doctor appointment early last week. Very early!

Robbie Hamby is a mom of 3. Her blog “Robbie Rambles” can be found at www.pleasantonexpress.com. You can e-mail her at rhamby@pleasantonexpress.com.

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