i heart podcasts



Scoot over talk radio it’s podcast’s time to shine. I really have become addicted to some podcasts. There is one for everyone you just have to look.

Podcasts can be either audio or video. Most of the time I just listen while I work or while I get ready for work in the morning. I don’t usually have time to actually watch them, but I still get all the info the cast is trying to get to me.

Lately I’ve found myself not being able to turn off The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It’s not a podcast for everyone, but it’s my favorite at this time. I also listen to a lot of Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) podcasts. I like to stay up to date on my MMA news.

If you’re into baseball there’s one out there for you. Like cooking? Enter that in the search box. If you’re a mom like me there are thousands maybe millions of Mommy podcasts. I haven’t found one that suits me exactly, but I keep searching.

Since I am a self proclaimed MacAholic, I use iTunes to find my podcasts. I can subscribe to any one I like and have new episodes automatically download to my phone or computer. It is VERY convenient.

I encourage everyone to find a podcast that speaks to them. There literally is a podcast for everyone. Be it political, family oriented, football, baseball, mommy, sewing, skydiving, whatever. There will be something you will enjoy.

Use them to educate yourself, open your mind or just laugh with the podcast personalities.

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