Hydrate local heroes

Summer time in South Texas is the worst time of year to fight fires as temperatures are in the high 90s and mostly over 100 degrees. Imagine fighting a fire in even higher temperatures while wearing a firefighter’s protective gear. The gear can weigh anywhere between 40 to 100 pounds, depending on the type of fire they’re fighting.

The Pleasanton Volunteer Fire Department is asking for the community’s support by donating cases of water to the department.

“The water we need isn’t just for us. It’s for everyone. All of the first responders and EMS are also given some of our water. Any time we’re working with other departments, we help everyone,” Lieutenant Junior Bosquez said.

Just last week, members of area fire departments fought a fire in south Atascosa County for seven hours. They spent most of the day fighting the fire without food or water. Ronica ended up taking waters and sandwiches out to them.

“He just came home from a fire one day, tired. We’ve always wanted to try and do a water drive one day. After seeing him that way, we thought we’d just give it a try,” Ronica Bosquez said. “If they’d like to donate granola bars or snacks that they can take with them that would help them, too.”

The Pleasanton VFD is accepting donations Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you’d like to make a donation after 6 p.m. or on the weekends, you may call Junior at (830) 570-5376 or Ronica at (830) 570-5694.


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