Honoring dear old dad

This Sunday will mark the 32nd Father’s Day without my dad. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday and then there are times where it seems he has been gone forever.

My children never got to know him. I tell them stories about him and hopefully they have an idea of who he was.

He had a keen sense of humor and collected those horrible, photocopied cartoons and jokes and kept them in a special file in his desk. Many of them (so I was told) were off-color. Several of his friends have asked me over the years about that file!

I think that is where I get my sense of humor, but Dad had the knack to actually remember a joke AND its punch line!

He taught me how to refinish furniture and that is probably one of the few things he could and would do! My mom and I joked that he needed an audience to change a light bulb … someone to hold the chair and the new light bulb and someone to hold the screws from the cover and to take the old bulb from him and then one of the two had to flip the switch to make sure the new bulb was working.

One of my favorite stories of his helplessness was when my mom went to visit her mother. I stayed home and fixed the evening meals for us. One night I got a phone call just as we were finishing. A few minutes later, he came to my room and said that he “did the dishes.” When I went to check later, the plates and silverware were stacked neatly in the sink. Not scraped. Not rinsed. Stacked … in … the … sink.

They were indeed “done” I guess by his standards.

The way I see it, here’s to all the fathers out there who try every day … birth, step, grands and even the moms who pull double duty. Enjoy your day this Sunday!

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