Honest people are still out there


 message popped up on Facebook yesterday by Victoria Martinez.

    This is what she posted in the NO Sales Pleasanton/Jourdanton Chat page.

    “Found an envelope full of money on the ground. Pretty sure it was an elderly person who dropped it. 

    “Please let me know what the envelope had marked on it, where it may have been lost and roughly how much. If I don’t find owner by the end of the day, I will turn into the local P.D.

    “Please ask your older relatives if they have recently lost money! Assuming how much the total is and where it was lost, its very likely that this is a elderly person’s entire monthly living money.”

    Thanks to diligent and caring folks, the money was returned by day’s end.

    It seems the owner of the money laden envelope was heading to Tilden to deliver his grandfather’s cancer medication and he was going to surprise him with the cash, too.

    Someone sent him the post and soon he was reunited with his money.

    So what was written on the envelope? Hebrews 13:16. And what does this verse say?

    “But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

    What an appropriate scripture for such a giving and honest act of kindness.

    The power of social media can be both positive and negative. It can find lost friends or ruin friendships. It can be helpful to spread good news as well as horrible rumors.

    How wonderful that this  is a positive story that had over 40 positive comments.

    The way I see it, posts and outcomes such as this makes me have such faith in humanity. What a great feeling!


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