Historically Speaking……

Barbara Morris Westbrook

Atascosa County Historical Commission Chair


“The current Official Texas Historical Marker program dates to 1962 and it has been a popular means for interpreting local and state history and encouraging heritage tourism for more than four decades. There are now more than 16,000 state historical markers in Texas.” (Texas Historical Commission, www.thc.texas.gov). Subject markers honor the history of church congregations, schools, communities,businesses, events and individuals that have made an impact on the course of history or cultural development.

Most topics must date back at least 50 years, 30 years for historic events. Individuals must have been deceased for 10 years to be mentioned on a marker. Marker topics should be submitted to the county historical commission for review by August 10 of each year, for possible submission to the Texas Historical Commission between September 1 and November 15. A completed narrative history, at least 5-7 pages, with primary and secondary sources, must accompany the application. Guidelines on writing the history are available through your county historical commission or on the Texas Historical Commission website www.thc.texas.gov

The State Legislature limits the number of markers that can be approved each year. The process takes approximately one year. The cost of a large marker (27” x 42”) at this time is $1800. The cost of a small marker (18” x 28”) is $1100, which includes the pole they are mounted on. The Texas Historical Commission requires a $100 non-refundable application fee for each marker. The cost of each marker is the responsibility of the sponsor. All Official Texas Historical Markers are manufactured at the Southwell Company in San Antonio. 

For more information, contact Atascosa County Historical Commission Chair, Barbara Morris Westbrook at 830 570-3289 or bwestbrook@2fastmail.com.


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