Historical site at risk

More than 30  residents who live near Applewhite Road in Pleasanton gathered on Monday, January 16 to discuss concerns the group has regarding rumors of a Preferred Sand, a frac sand mine company, coming into their area.  

Elected spokesperson, Russell Wilson, stated their top three concerns are: health, quality of life and the environment.  Residents near the proposed site are concerned about the chemical process the silica sand goes through for separation.  Silica dust is a carcinogenic and can lead to lung cancer.  

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley and Commissioner Lonnie Gillespie have met with a representative from the company. The judge said that the company will need to comply with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).   “Our number one concern is our citizens, their quality of life and making sure we support them,” stated Hurley. 

More concerns of the probable mine is that the suspected area is near the historical site of the Battle of the Medina.  Barbara Westbrook with the Atascosa County Historical Commission stated that she has also heard the rumors of the proposed location of the mine.  She said that no one knows the initial site of the battle engagement, but what they do know is that the battle was a running battle, which covered a vast area.  She said that some in the battle were laid to rest properly, but that some laid in the open for nine years.  They were then gathered and buried under an oak tree.  It is unknown where that exact location is. 

A call to  Preferred Sands went unanswered as of press time.

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