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On Thursday, March 28th, Deputy Sheriff John McRae observed a utility bed truck run through a stop sign on Pulliam entering onto FM 3350, just west of Pleasanton.

Deputy McRae attempted to stop the 1999 Chevrolet and it turned left and went through a fence alongside FM 3350. The truck drove through a pasture before driving through a high game-proof fence and then out the other side back on to FM 3350. Deputy Sheriff/Sergeant Joe Saucedo picked up the pursuit and followed the truck into the northside of Jourdanton on Highway 16 where the driver again crossed traffic and drove through an empty lot, temporarily losing control.  Deputy Sheriff Stephen Wilson began pursuing the truck east through Jourdanton with other units following behind.

Jourdanton Police, Constable Pct. 3 and DPS Troopers also assisted.

Upon reaching a dead end on the east side of town, the driver drove through several additional fences before coming out on highway 97. The truck headed east into Pleasanton where it was intercepted by Deputy Sheriff Chris Neely and Lt. Investigator Max Peralta The truck turned on South Bryant and then Jackson Street before coming back onto Highway 97 by O’Reily Auto Parts. The truck headed back west on 97 towards Jourdanton where deputies continued pursuing the truck that had been reported stolen to the San Antonio Police Department.

“The driver was showing total disregard for the safety of other motorist, the officers and himself and his female passenger”, Sheriff David Soward stated.

When the truck reached the edge of Jourdanton the driver turned left and jumped a curb at a high rate of speed going airborn into a vacant field. The driver ran through several more fences behind the City Hall and at the Jourdanton Sports Complex. When officers cut off the driver’s exit back to highway 97, he headed south through a pasture crashing through three gates and three fences and coming out on County Road 430. Deputies pursued the truck east on 430 across 422 to Co. Rd. 429 and 426 where he ran through a gate into a ranch. Several deputies chased the subject into an adjoining ranch where he was finally stopped. The driver and his female passenger were taken into custody without further incident.

The driver was identified by Sheriff Soward as Isaiah Eli Love age 21 of San Antonio. His passenger was identified as Samantha Kay Caldwell age 33 also of San Antonio. Both subjects had active warrants out of Bexar County for Auto Theft and drug possession.

Love was charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle,  Evading Arrest, Reckless Driving and Criminal Mischief over $2,500.

Additional criminal mischief charges are expected to be filed according to the Sheriff.

Caldwell was booked into jail on a warrant from Bexar County for Possession of a Controlled Substance less than 1 gram.

Total Bond on Love was set at $48,000.

Sheriff Soward stated that Love drove through at least 18 fences and 8 gates during the chase.  “This subject was driving recklessly with disregard for the public’s safety when he was initially encountered by deputies at Pulliam and FM3350”, the Sheriff explained.

“He raised that level significantly during the pursuit and the officers did a good job of taking what measures they could to prevent innocent people from being injured “, the Sheriff stated.

Isaiah Eli Love

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