Hi Mom?

When I was first approached about doing a blog, I thought “This will be kinda cool, but I don’t know who would read it…. I’m sure I can get my mom, my sister and a few friends to take a look-see.” But then I thought about it….Not so much, my mom. She’s online, yes, she’s a hip and cool, single, baby boomer. She’s always been a good mom. We were fed and loved, supported, not in a big gushy way, and that’s o.k.

But some might say there are a few flaws. She never remembers our birthdays (Ok. she remembers my brother’s, it’s on Halloween though, so does that really count?) When a birthday rolls around, there’s always one of us saying “Mother, did you call so-in-so and tell them happy birthday?”  To help her we have made calendars, with great big photos of the person’s big day, does this help? Sometimes, but often times, no.
And while I would love to judge her, I just really can’t. I find I am actually alot like this. I do remember my children’s birthdays, my husband’s and my siblings’, I remember friends’ birth month…most of the time. But what happens more often than not is the day comes and goes. A day or two later, I realize, oh yeah, it’s February…February 8th. Uh oh. I did it again, yesterday was Lisa’s birthday. Ugh. I really should have gotten her a present, called her, something, sigh.

This doesn’t just happen with birthdays. I have this problem with appointments too. I use a calendar. I write things down (most of the time). Apparently, I just don’t look at the calendar on a regular basis. And I can’t even count the 4-H paperwork deadlines I have missed…my poor children.

I have come to the conclusion, fairly recently, that maybe subconsciously, I don’t want to remember things. If I miss an appointment, I don’t have to deal with the preparation and time that goes into it. If I forget about when some paperwork is due, well, that’s it I don’t have to worry about that project, it’s too late…Sorry kids.

Like the time I literally forgot to have my daughter’s rabbit’s validated….You can’t show your rabbits at the Atascosa County Livestock Show without them being validated.  So, a week before show, as I was weighing them, I thought “why aren’t their ear’s marked?” Uh, oh. I forgot to get them validated. Those were some pricey pet rabbits.

But, with this realization comes the opportunity for change! My goal in life, to be organized, efficient.  Not sure that it will happen, but it’s a goal, so mom, lets you and I get it together!….If you happen to read this.

Robbie was born and raised in Pleasanton. She is currently a resident of the big city of Charlotte. She and her husband Jody are blessed with three children, 16 year old Brandon, 14 year old Erin and 12 year old Colton. She has often been accused of rambling.

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