Her grace will be missed

Tommie Carrasco 1955-2014

Tommie Carrasco 1955-2014

She had grace. A quality hard to define and even rarer to find. This was what I first thought when I met Tommie Carrasco. She had this quality when she was healthy and strong. She had this grace when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Tommie left a mark on me when I met her while on her job as a member of the Pleasanton Express distribution team. She was simply lovely through and through. She was a lady. A great example of a loving wife and mother. Her love for her husband, and her children and her life was evident in all she did.

When I found out about her diagnosis, I hugged her tight and said that I was so sorry. I said, “Oh, Tommie you are so tiny as she had rapidly lost weight off her already slim frame. She said, “Do not worry. No matter what happens I have had a big and wonderful life. All will be fine.” I could only imagine that she made it her mission to impart this truth to everyone who loved her, knew her well or had made her acquaintance. Her mark on their life would not be a sad memory but one of a life well-loved and well-lived with purpose.

The late night shift at the Pleasanton Express breeds a familiar and funny kind of family. Lots of laughter and sharing of family news and silly “late night punch drunk from tiredness” happenings.

You become close very fast. You bond. We all loved Tommie and mourn her loss.

But, we were just her once a week family. Her real family was her world and they are truly wonderful. I spoke to her son Robert T. Carrasco tonight. He graduated on May 17th from Palo Alto College and will start Incarnate Word in San Antonio in August. He will be majoring in Nuclear Medicine. Her daughter, Christina I. Carrasco will be graduating from Pleasanton High School next week and begin college at Palo Alto in the fall. She will be working towards a degree in nursing. She had been married to Roberto Carrasco for 20 years. When asked if he had anything he wanted to share, he said “I love my wife. I love Tommie”.

We do too. She will be missed and loved but never forgotten. A women with grace and purpose and loveliness. Our friend, Tommie Carrasco.

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