Help name new Jourdanton sports complex

With the completion of the Jourdanton Sports Complex on the near horizon, community leaders are searching for a name for the mult-sport and pool park and driveway into the space.

The Jourdanton Police Department queried folks via their Facebook page and according to Chief Eric Kaiser, 85-90 percent of the suggestions were Jourdanton Sports Complex. Other name suggestions were to name it after fallen military or law enforcement officers or after Tommy Williams. Jupe Sports Complex and honoring the founding members of the current field Schorsch-Breitkruetz were also suggested. Henry Netardus took the podium and he was president of the little league in 1957 when the first field was built. He felt that Jourdanton Sports Complex would be better suited for the new space. Patricia Elizabeth Tymrak Daughtrey suggested to add the word “memorial” to the name. That way, a wall could be erected to honor all who could be memorialized. Councilman Kendall Schorsch agreed to keep the name generic. As far as suggestions for the street/entrance name, it was suggested to call it Jourdanton Sports Complex Drive. Some ideas also submitted were Home Run Alley or Champion Drive.

The City of Jourdanton is accepting suggestions at the city hall at 1604 Highway 97, Suite A, Jourdanton, TX 78026.

A decision may be made at the regular monthly meeting which will be held March 15 at 6 p.m.

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