Heisman boosting ticket sales



So, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. A few weeks ago, I told one of my co-workers that he can wait until about 3-4 days before the Alamo Bowl to by tickets for the 2011 Alamo Bowl. With Baylor and Washington pitted to battle it out, who knew that ticket prices would be higher than normal. I think Robert Griffin III is to thank for this, as everyone seems to be jumping on the hype train to see this outstanding man in person.
December 29th is right around the corner, as Christmas weekend is arriving faster than anyone is expecting it to. College football began last Saturday, which means I will officially not be bored every night for a few weeks. College Bowl season ranks a little above March Madness in my book.

The Baylor Bears are excited to face the Washington Huskies, in a game that could be high scoring and one of the more exciting games in the history of the Alamo Bowl. Who would have thought, this game could break attendance records that not even Texas or Texas A&M broke in recent years? I guess you can thank their head coach Art Briles and Griffin and say: A job well done. Sic-em Bears. P.S. If you want a ticket, you will have to dish out at least $75.00 as of right now and that will include a few Kleenex for the nosebleed seats.

Christmas weekend- It is December 20th, and I have already had two out of my let’s see, five Christmas get togethers’. Once you get married, man, it seems like you have Holiday celebration after Holiday celebration. Let’s just say, Holidays are not good for those hoping and trying to lose a little weight. Tamales, enchiladas, pies, cobblers and so much more, do not fit in that mix very well.

As Christmas weekend arrives, I pray that each and everyone of you have a very Merry Christmas. I also hope that each of you have all of your shopping done, or it could be a hectic next few days. I am happy and shocked to say, I have all of my shopping done. The wife and I made it simple this year. We bought three gifts together and agreed that would be it. You add that to just two gifts for my parents and you have a pretty simple Christmas on my side of the family. Her side on the other hand, includes a few more people.

Well, I hope each of you have a great weekend. Be sure to spend time with family, remember the reason for the season and cheer on a few teams in the college football bowl world!

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