Heavy rains bombard northern and eastern part of Atascosa County

Rains in most of Atascosa County were good Monday, but not all was well as damaging winds accompanied the heavy downpours.

The amount of rain in the Leming area was considerable with reports of six to seven inches, Monday alone. That trend continued through the Poteet-Rossville area with similar rainfall figures.

As you proceed south through the Jourdanton and Charlotte area, it was a little less, but further south in Atascosa County and McMullen County it was practically a non-story.

In Southeastern Atascosa County it was good. Jim McDaniel reported six inches in the McCoy area. Atascosa County Commissioner Bill Carroll, Pct. 4, that covers the east and southeast portion of the county had reports of six to seven inches prevalent throughout the area.

Atascosa County Commissioner Lonnie Gillespie, Pct. 1, covering the north to northeast portion of Atascosa County had reports of six to seven inches.

Farmer-rancher Bill Slomchinski, measured six inches just west of Leming at his place on FM 1470.

Bill Torans, Atascosa County Commissioner, Pct. 2, in the Lytle area, had reports of three to four inches with some places gauging four and a half inches.

Ronnie Wheeler who has properties mostly southwest of Tank Hollow in the vicinity of FM 1333, FM 476 and SH 173 had measurements varying from 4.1 to 4.7 inches. Wheeler spoke with friends in his area. David Reyes, south of Rossville, reported 6.2 inches and Jim Collums, Tank Hollow, just west of Poteet measured 5.1 inches.

Roy Hindes III, measured 1.5 inches twelve miles southwest of Charlotte.

Jack Harrison who lives at Brown and Pine in Jourdanton reported four inches. His friend Bill Kaiser had only half an inch in his gauge sixteen miles south of Jourdanton.

It got worse in northern McMullen County where one/quarter to one/ half inch of rainfall was recorded at the Franklin Ranch.

East of Tilden in McMullen County, Leo Quintanilla recorded 1.5 inches Monday.

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