Heat shouldn’t affect common sense

The Way I See It



My co-worker Megan said that yesterday had been the hottest day of the year. Yup. It must have been.

My daughter’s relinquished Mustang’s AC is out and it needed a jump start. At 3:00 in the afternoon. On the hottest day so far of the year. Off came my cute little jacket and up went my hair pinned back in a makeshift french twist. This was with the windows down and I thought I was going to D-I-E.

So … I then see the viral image of the boxer dog that had been left in its owner’s vehicle outside of IKEA in the United Kingdom. Passersby saw the poor pup panting in the hatchback area of the car and broke in. His internal injuries were too much, the report gave. The dog died later.

Does the general public really have no clue about this? Do they not realize that it doesn’t take long to heat up the interior of a vehicle. And this was in the UK not Texas.

We have all heard the horror stories of parents forgetting their children in the vehicle and the fatal outcome.

I guess these are the same people who think it is fine to also leave their pets in a hot car. The way I see it, this makes me want to keep a hammer in my vehicle – I wouldn’t hesitate bashing a window in at all if I saw any living thing locked in a hot vehicle. Calling the authorities would be the next thing to do, too!

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