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Our three year old son, Augie, is a strong, wildly fun, tough, rough little boy. He’s not a cry baby about things. So when we heard him crying we knew he was hurt.

We were spending the afternoon at my parents’ house the Sunday before New Years. As usual we were outside watching the kids play. Augie had gone inside earlier and decided he wanted to put on his Bob the Builder costume. He ended up staying in the screened in porch playing at the fold up kid table.

My husband and I stood about 20 feet from the porch screen doors talking with my sister when we heard Augie crying. We went to open the doors only to find out that he had locked them from the inside. I immediately wanted to break the door to get to him. Luckily my husband has a much cooler head than I do and opened it quickly without destroying it.

We found Augie on the floor with the kid chair on him and his mouth bleeding. My husband sat him up to exam him when we noticed that there was blood running down the back of his neck and on to the plaid shirt of Bob the Builder. He had indeed hit his head. I called for my mom because that’s what I do when I’m scared (like normal people do). She and I went into the house to find something to put on the cut to help stop the bleeding. My husband stayed with Augie. He said he “fell off the chair” and hit his head “on the house”. His mouth was not bleeding anymore. We figure he must have bit his lip on the way down.

We left the other two kids with my parents and headed to South Texas Regional Urgent Care. Augie, still crying, sat in the back with his daddy while I drove.

After a bit of paperwork we saw the doctor. Now, Augie doesn’t like going to the doctor. He despises it. Throws a fit the whole time. Which leads to us having to hold him down just for the doctor to be able to examine him. We did all sorts of bribing to get him to cooperate.

Once the doctor was able to see the cut, he concluded that Augie would have to have staples. I silently panicked. I knew this would not be easy given Augie’s resistance to anything that may involve him to sit still. My husband laid on the exam table with Augie on his chest holding his body and arms still. I held his legs and the assistant held his head so that the doctor could put the staple in.

My little baby, my sweet boy did so well. He did cry and did fight, but came through swimmingly. The first thing he said was that he wanted a popsicle. And that’s just what he got.

He’s been himself. A regular boy picking on his big brother and playing with sister. We go back today to see if the staples can be removed. Thank you to STR Urgent Care. We appreciate it.

Augie modeling his head wrap in many colors.

Augie modeling his head wrap in many colors.

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