Head ‘em up, move ‘em out

The Way I See It



A lot can happen in a week. Like, you may have to pack up 13 years of your life in a few short days of having a garage sale readying to move in the future. I just had no idea the future was going to be a week.

Good thing about doing this so quickly was that I had no time to worry over it. Bad thing about doing this so quickly, was that I really didn’t get to go through everything like I wanted to before I moved.

Yes. Moved. For the first time since 1977-1979, my zip code is changing. My zip changed only while I was away at college – so that really didn’t count, did it? I’ve not moved much in my 60 years on this earth. In fact, I can count on one hand the times I’ve moved (not counting college since it didn’t require furniture). I also only lived in one home until I was an adult so you can see why this whole moving thing is quite foreign. My earlier moves were a bit more organized. Of course I had smaller homes and a bit more time. This move, at first, had me marking boxes with contents and the room it belonged. Then it happened. Crunch time entered and I found myself humming “Rawhide” under my breath, changing the lyrics: “Packin’ packin’ packin’, though the space be lacking, keep those boxes packin’ … Load up. Through heat and sultry weather, moving on the hottest day ever, wishing it would soon be all over.

Our arms are sore and bruising, wishing I was cruising, having a cold drink in my hand … Load up.

Pack ‘em up, tape it closed, stack ‘em up, move ‘em out, roll ‘em in, roll ‘em out … Load up.”

All joking aside, this is a surreal part of my life that I don’t think has quite sunk in at the moment. And while I’m excited about this new chapter – new beau and living in San Antonio while also working at my new job I started last fall – I will truly miss my hometown. I know, I know … it is only a few miles down the road from where I’ll be and I still intend on being a part of this community as well as I can, but I already know that it will be different.

My message to the family who has the contract on my home – y’all are going to love it here! I raised my kids in this community. There were a lot of good times at that house – parties, sleepovers, bridal and baby showers, Christmas morning beignets, dinners and lots of guests visiting. You are going to love your neighbors! They are the best. Their kids play outside, they watch out for each other and you might get lucky to get some delicious baked goods or help yourself to the limes that grow over the fence.

The way I see it, new beginnings and new experiences are ahead … and LOTS of unpacking.

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at psuebrown@gmail.com.

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