Hazardous Material Collection Day Sept. 16

The City of Pleasanton reminds residents that a Household Hazardous Material Collection Day is set for Saturday, Sept. 16. This free event will run from 8 a.m. to noon, at 315 Colwell St. at the Atascosa River Park in Pleasanton.
The collection is open to all residents of the City of Pleasanton. Participants must show two proofs of residency with a driver’s license, water bill, electric bill or gas bill. 
One drop-off per household- no exceptions. Please note that this is not for businesses, farms or commercial operations.
How to transport
-Containers should be sealed and in their original packaging.
-Pack leaking containers in a larger, non-leaking container.
-Place container upright in a box or plastic bin and pack newspaper around the containers to prevent breakage.
-Place materials in your truck where you will not breathe the fumes during transport.
-No black bags will be accepted. You must use clear bags for safety purposes.
For details contact the Community Development Services Department at 830-569-3867.

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