Happy Veterans Day to all

This Friday, November 11 is Veterans Day – a day to honor all Veterans who have served our country within the armed services.
It makes me proud to know that my own father was a WWII Vet from both the European and Pacific Theatres.
I have the letters he wrote home to my grandparents and have read many of them. It gets a bit overwhelming when you read about your father before you were even a twinkle in his eye!
One letter sticks out. My Nana Brown would tell the story over and over. Here my dad was “somewhere in Germany” as one letter stated in the spring of 1945. My grandparents were worrying everyday for his safety. Imagine receiving the “mourning stationery” with your only son’s handwriting affixed on the envelope. This type of stationery had thick black lines on the outside of the envelope. This was to let the recipient know that a death had occurred. Needless to say, my Nana’s legs buckled underneath her, just knowing that her son had perished. But alas, he was alive and well. He had found the stationery somewhere and had no clue what it meant. I’m sure my grandparents were so relieved of the nature of his letter – everyday happenings in a young G.I.
The letter he sent follows:
Somewhere in Germany
Dearest Mom & Dad, Everything is still the same. Yesterday I got the pkgs. you sent to San Luis Obispo. They were beat up pretty bad. The cig. were mashed flat. There is no need to send cig to me here. I am getting plenty. We got paid yesterday in Marks. I am enclosing a 1 Mark note and also a 2 Franc note. I don’t know what we need Marks for – we cant buy anything. Today they are going to bring out M.O. blanks for us or P.T.A. blanks. I have about $20 I want to send home. Now I  am getting $28.40 so I think I will take out 2 G. I. bonds. That will be $15 and then I’ll be getting $13and thats a plenty. Let me know when get that P.T.A. for $100.
We turned in our overcoats and overshoes. Its very mild here now. Raining a little here today but it isn’t cold.
Yesterday I washed-out all my clothes I had dirty. Got everything cleaned up now. Today I’ve got to get all my stuff concentrated so if we move out I can get it in a hurry. I don’t think we are going to be here much longer. This easy life has lasted longer than I expected now.
This is all for now. Can’t think of anything else  to say.
Take care of yourselves!
I love you, Leonard D.
P.S. Send me a few handkerchiefs and some cookies and candy.
The way I see it, these men and women, who have sacrificed so much so we can be safe, deserve our respect and admiration. Happy Veterans Day!
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