Happy 1st Anniversary pleasantonexpress.com



Happy Anniversary pleasantonexpress.com

We LOVE that you LIKE us!

One year ago, the Pleasanton Express launched our new website pleasantonexpress.com. We believe that our print edition will always be the heart and soul of The Pleasanton Express. But, numbers don’t lie and our readers have told us in a big way that both ways – print and online – are better.

The goal of pleasantonexpress.com was to follow in the footsteps of our print edition by providing full community coverage that is newsworthy, credible, trustworthy and informative.  Our website also offered something that the print edition could not — the ability to report breaking news.  Further, our Facebook page has allowed our readers to engage and communicate with us and with each other in meaningful and significant ways. The Pleasanton Express is constantly connecting with our readers and our readers are connecting with our community. We are turning to each other to cheer on our football teams and to mourn the loss of loved ones in our community.

We are excited about continuing this newspaper adventure – print, web and social media – with all our readers. Together we are helping to keep each other informed and aware of issues be they minor, mundane, major or majestic. The Pleasanton Express would like to hear from our readers more frequently about things they think are important for our citizens to know. We want our readers to tell us about stories that they feel we should be covering. We will do our very best to see that those stories get told. You may reach us by letter, phone, email and Facebook.

We want to thank each of you who have helped to make this online venture a rewarding and successful one. We could not have done it without you. 

We also could not have had such a great first year without the leadership, dedication and creative thinking of The Pleasanton Express Webmaster Jessica Machado. She took the website and Facebook from day one and shaped it into what it is today. She has never looked back. She has only forged forward to the next best thing she can do to make the pleasantonexpress.com the greatest community newspaper website in Texas. If you are a regular reader of our website, the numbers below represent you:

The pleasantonexpress.com has had 201,987 visits from readers this past year with more than 715,300 page views. Readers have downloaded 23,669 articles or items. They have taken 587,161 total actions (page views, downloads and outlinks). In the last 24 hours alone when the newspaper has been out almost a full week we have had 635 visits and 2313 page views.  Please feel free to contact nwilkersonholmes@gmail.com with any comments or questions.






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