Happenings in Poteet



Last month a strong storm with high winds hit part of Poteet. Fortunately there were no reported personal injuries or damage to any residences. There were however several large trees branches broken and a few trees uprooted. The city crew went out to clear the street of debris. I know there a many residents who have cleaned up the branches, have piles in their yards or near the curb and have called the city office to schedule a pick up. Thank for by responsible citizens in helping to clean our city. Republic waste management will only pick up branches no bigger than 3 inches in diameter and an area 5ft by 5ft by 5ft. Considering there are a lot of larger tree branches that need to disposed, on Saturday, July 20th from 8:00 – 12 noon, (weather permitting) the city will open the sewer plant yard for Poteet residence to drop off large tree branches. The citizen will need to provide proof of residence with a current water statement.

At our last council meeting, the Utilities Director provided information on four main water line breaks. These breaks were as result of the ground shifting due to dry conditions. During the summer months and lack of sufficient rainfall, the ground will dry up even more, resulting in possible more water line breaks. When this happens, ask for your patience while our city crew works to make the repairs as quickly as possible. I also ask for your assistance, if you see a water leak pleased notify the Poteet City office 830-742-3574 as soon as possible. You can also call the same number after duty hours and weekends to report any utility issues (i.e. sewer backup, trees branches blocking the streets, etc.)

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may E-mail him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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