Growth of Pleasanton schools is imminent

Bond election could be held in May



To plan for the growth of the Pleasanton Independent School District, key members of the Pleasanton community gathered for a series of three meetings that were held this month.

These members –which included representatives from the district, businesses, community leadership, boosters and parents – examined information about the state of all facilities and technology infrastructure.

PISD was intent on informing as well as receiving feedback from these members for long-range planning for the district.

Audits have been conducted on current technology and a demographic study has been completed for projected growth over the next few years.

The main emphasis is a new school will need to be built in the immediate future. The Elementary school on Main Street is at capacity and due to the flood plain, would not allow for new construction to add on at that location.

Plan A

New Elementary School •1000 students/115,000 sq ft
•Playground/sport court
•Road development
•$29,000,000(includes FFE/
Renovated facilities

•Pick up/Drop Off area; road construction
•Playground/parking/Safety doors
•Growth (6-8 classrooms) $1,500,000-$4,000,000 (classrooms)

Intermediate Campus
•Safety entrance/admin wing
•13,100 sq ft. addition (wing)/additional classrooms
•Parking/Playground/Sports Court
•Upgrade Interiors/Parent Drop off
•$ 4,000,000. (+Roads)
•Junior High
•Safety entrance/admin wing/Science classrooms/windows
•Cosmetics/Parent Drop Off $ 5,000,000.

•High School
•Remodel/cosmetics (walls, locker, repurpose rooms)
•Relocated Admin/Counseling; Covered pick-up
•Career and Tech Center/Parking/Road -$23,000,000
•Support Areas-$ 4,500,000
•Maintenance relocation, buses, offset of stadium)
TOTAL: $ 69,500,000-$72,000,000

New Comprehensive High School
•1600 students/248,000 sq. ft (155 per student)*
•No Auditorium/includes practice fields/gyms, etc.
•$49,500,000 (includes all FFE/Fees/Survey, Geo)
•Does not include cost of land and road access; current training facility would be
reduced for JH and game use to move cost savings to land purchase
•New Stadium cost would add $ 8-9,000,000
•Comparison: See Liberty Hill High School website

Renovated facilities

•Pick up/Drop Off area; road construction
•Playground/parking/ Safety doors
•Growth (6-8 classrooms); room to add up to 12
•$1,500,000 -$4,000,000 (classrooms)

Intermediate/Jr. High
(serve elementary and PIC students)
•Safety entrance/admin wing 13,100 sq ft. addition (wing)/additional classrooms
•Parking/Playground/Sports Court
•Gym remodel/windows/roof
•Cosmetics/Parent Drop off $7,000,000.

High School (serve Jr. High and potential Intermediate campus students)

•Move admin. entrance/secure supervision
•Remodel/cosmetics (walls, locker, repurpose rooms)
•Remove metal buildings/landscape/parking
•$4,000,000 Technology $2,500,000 Support Areas $4,500,000
•Maintenance relocation, buses,)
(+ $8,000,000 stadium)

With the above scenarios, a bond election would need to be held.

Good Timing

The PISD tax rate is at an all-time low currently. Eleven years ago, the rate was at $1.59 and hovered around that amount for four years. It dropped to $1.15 in 2007 and remained there for a few years. It is currently at $1.13. Of that rate, 80 percent is used for Maintenance and Operations (salaries, etc.), the remainder is used for Interest and Sinking Fund (debt).

A comparison to Jourdanton ISD shows their tax rate at $1.12. PISD is a much large district and the cost per child would be considered much less than Jourdanton’s.

What would it cost?

The tax impact the bond would cause would, first of all, not affect the Over 65 Exemption.

For a homestead in the property value range of $100,000, the new rate would amount to $21.25 per month.

Next Steps

The PISD Leadership team reviews input from Partners and draws up the final recommendation for Board of Trustees. The trustees will then review and respond at the February 19 meeting. The team will move forward.

If a resolution is passed to call a bond election in May, the community will receive information through web, newspaper and mailings. Community focus group meetings will also be held to allow all to ask questions and provide input.

“This is an important time for Pleasanton as a community – and PISD specifically. We want to be sure we are prepared to serve the children of Pleasanton in safe, quality learning environments that reflect the high expectations of this hometown, said Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith, PISD Superintendent.

“With aging facilities and increased populations, PISD has multiple significant needs in the areas of facilities, safety, and technology. The good news is that we have been good stewards – lowering taxes each year for the past ten years to a regional record low. With the growth of industry to share any financial burden, we are poised to turn to our community for full support of the clear needs for quality schools to match those of similar sized districts, “ she continued.

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