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Rebecca Pesqueda

Staff Writer

There were many unique and memorable projects on display at this year’s Ag Mechanics Projects show at the 2018 Atascosa County Livestock Show on Tuesday, Jan. 16. However, one special project stood out amongst its competitors due to its builder’s heritage and reasoning behind the making of it. Auston Gillespie, freshman at Pleasanton High School and member of the Pleasanton FFA, built a Golden Oak Stained Working Clock made out of clear alder wood in memory of his late grandfather and Atascosa County Commissioner, Precint 1, Lonnie Gillespie.

“My grandpa started a custom cabin shop business and I thought this would be a good way to represent him,” said Gillespie. His grandfather passed away back in September 2017 and surely he left his mark in our county. “Ag Mechanics has always been what I’ve done since I was little. My dad has always worked in a shop and if he ever needs any help, I go over there and help him out. I’ve done woodworking pretty much all of my life; it’s what my dad does, what my grandparents do and my mom’s side of the family even builds wooden rockers.” Gillepsie began building the clock around mid-December and it took him a total of 38 hours to complete and about $5,500 worth of materials. “It takes about 6-8 days to get the time on the clock exact once it’s in place due to gravity and the pendulum being in control of the hands on it.” The clock chimes every 15 minutes and makes the noise of any regular grandfather clock. “I hate sanding, but that’s not the main part of the project. I missed a couple of spots on it, but you couldn’t tell unless you really looked at it. Overall, I’m really happy with it.” And surely his late grandfather would be as well.

Auston Gillespie, Pleasanton HS freshman, with his Golden Oak Stained Grandfather Clock he made in memory of his late grandfather, Commissioner Lonnie Gillespie.
Rebecca Pesqueda | Pleasanton Express

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