Governor assures Texans closing state is final option

State averaging 3,500 new cases per day



Gov. Greg Abbot reported that Texas had hit a record in new coronavirus cases, eclipsing 5,000 Tuesday. With COVID-19 cases growing, Governor Abbott assured Texans that closing the state would be the final option.

As of Tuesday, Atascosa County had a total of 89 cases, active cases 41 – which rose by 40 cases from the previous week – recovered cases 46 and deaths two.

On Tuesday, June 16, Atascosa County had a total of 45 cases, one active case, 42 recovered cases and two deaths. From April 21 through June 22, Atascosa County COVID-19 testing went from a total of 86 to a total of 1,424.

The Pleasanton Emergency Operations Center reports there is one active case, 11 recoveries and one death as of Tuesday. The Atascosa County Emergency Management department does not release COVID-19 cases by zip code.

On Monday, Abbott gave an update on the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Texas.

“Closing down Texas again will always be the last option,” Abbott said. “To state the obvious, COVID-19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas.”

He said the state was averaging around 3,500 new cases per day after averaging 1,500 new cases per day in May. The positivity rate has gone up from four percent to about nine percent as of Monday. On Monday, the Department of State Health Services reported more than 3,700 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals, the 11th straight day of record highs. The number of hospitalizations has doubled in a week’s time. Gov. Abbot has said that officials remain “laser focused” on hospital capacity.

Abbott said practicing social distancing, wearing a face mask and sanitizing can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading further. He said if a resident is feeling sick that they should stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He thanked the National Guard members that have been helping during the pandemic.

“I know some people feel like wearing a mask is inconvenient or is an infringement of freedom, but I also know that wearing a mask will help keep Texas open,” Abbott said.

Abbott encouraged people to visit Open.texas. gov for more information.

“COVID hasn’t suddenly gone away and neither has our ability to stop the spread of it,” Abbott said. “Texans have already shown that we don’t have to choose between jobs and health. We can have both.”

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