Give the UIL credit

Fowl Play



Nothing is certain these days.

Nobody knows what the next turn will bring during this outbreak of COVID 19. Nobody knows when sports will return, yet we still hold out hope for it.

But the governing body of Texas public high school sports is doing everything in their power to finish the spring season. They’re doing everything in their power to represent their member coaches and players and their passion.

Thursday’s extension on the suspension of play in spring sports moved the return tentatively back to May 4.

To some, it may seem like a death sentence to spring 2020. To others, it gave a ray of hope.

The blunt truth is, there’s no guess to what will happen. The season may get cancelled and it may not.

These are unprecedented times for all coaches. During the swine flu outbreak, nothing went on hold despite the underlying fear surrounding the 2009 pandemic.

The UIL has been nothing short of masterful in how they’ve handled this entire situation that nobody could prepare for.

But one thing I started to see was fear from seniors. They’re uncertain if they’ll get to finish what they started, if their hard work will ultimately be for nothing.

This is for you seniors: your work hasn’t been for nothing and if the UIL can let y’all get back on the field, on the track, they will.

They’re navigating the same uncharted waters we all are. Their number one priority is the safety of the kids and coaches.

The only thing there is to do is to continue to prepare and be ready for if and when the UIL gives y’all the green light. Keep the faith and be ready.

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