Girls’ Weekend = Trip for health

The Way I See It



I ’ve been seeing articles of how a weekend with your besties is good for your health. Well, duh!

I know that I feel better after spending time with my good friends. There’s something about sharing a house with great friends, hearing 5-10 hairdryers, tripping over shoes, pillows and blankets and filling a kitchen counter with chips, cheese, crackers and an assortment of adult beverages that calms the soul.

Visiting around the table or perched on the couch and chairs talking about subjects that are deep and meaningful or just nonsense is my idea of de-stressing. Of course – shopping and eating well certainly factor in here as well.

Our yearly trip to Fredericksburg did not disappoint. Eleven ladies, ranging from 39-60, (yep, I’m the oldest of this bunch and very happy that they include me) did just that this past weekend.

A little windowshopping a little buying, celebrating Texas Tech’s win on Saturday night with other Tech fans, great meals, hot tubbing and laughing at each others’ jokes was a welcomed break from each of our busy lives.

According to an article in Southern Living, “it has been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy, lower chances of heart disease, and even help us better tolerate pain.

“In 2016, researchers found evidence that hanging out with friends can increase production of oxytocin, the feel good, cuddle hormone that our bodies make when we’re happy. Science has shown that oxytocin can make people more trusting, more generous, and friendlier, all the things you look for in friends.”

So, science can’t be wrong, right?

The way I see it, even if you aren’t able to get away with your friends for a whole weekend, spend time with these kindred spirits whenever you can. A fun way to be healthier is always a good reason.

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