Getting to the meat and potatoes



Word for the wise, make sure that the ketchup bottle is completely closed before you shake it.

While getting all of the ingredients ready for what later became a great loaf of meat, I made a giant rookie mistake. I did not make sure that the ketchup bottle lid was securely fastened. Thought I closed it, but apparently I didn’t. It ended up all over my shirt, the counter, the floor, but the microwave got it the worst. LOL A special thank you to my husband for cleaning it up.

After all of that nonsense,  I continued with the recipe for Old-fashioned Meatloaf. It calls for ground beef, but we only use turkey in our house so we substituted. I’m sure it is just as delicious if not more so with beef.

The instructions were all pretty clear and easy to follow. I had to leave the loaf in the oven longer than suggested, but that might be a turkey and not beef issue. Not sure. Here’s a good laugh, I had to google what a celery rib was. While I do know what celery is I just thought they were called celery sticks. LOL I’ll get all the terminology down eventually.

I also need to learn to prep everything before I actually start to cook. I find myself in a big rush trying to get everything in the pan. If I would just get all of it ready in the little mixing bowls I just got then everything would move a lot smoother. Oh, I also got to buy a new sauce pan. I was way over excited about it. I think I told my husband two hundred times.

For a side, I made mashed potatoes. Now, I had never made actual mashed potatoes before. So I had to ask my mom what kind of potatoes to buy.  Once I had them all scrubbed I was ready to peel them. Only I couldn’t find a peeler. I was sure I had one somewhere. I pretty much turned my utensil drawer upside down. Luckily I remembered getting one for our wedding. Sure enough I found it in the big utensil holder on the counter. Funny thing is we were married almost five years ago and I had never needed it until now. Another problem I ran into being a novice, is that I did not have an actual potato smasher. I had to use a bamboo spoon which may have taken a little longer, but did the job well. The potatoes were delicious by the way. It had a great cheesy taste. We did add salt and pepper to taste. The kids ate them  up. In fact my 1 year old fell asleep at the table after two servings.

All in all these recipes were a success for the Machado house. I will definitely make them again. Next I will be trying crispy cheddar chicken.





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