Garcia sentenced to prison

Ryan Xavier Garcia was found guilty by an Atascosa County jury for the May 16, 2019, assault of a local resident.

“I am grateful for the dedication and service of my prosecution team as well as all of Atascosa County law enforcement who work tirelessly to keep people like Garcia off the streets,” said Audrey Louis, 81st Judicial District Attorney. “Garcia is a risk to the safety and security of the residents of Atascosa County. We hope he is required to serve his full sentence and does not receive early release by parole.”

The jury convicted Garcia after hearing evidence that he stalked the victim’s family over a month before the incident occurred, beginning with the April 13 shooting of his brother’s truck. On May 6, Garcia threatened the victim’s grandfather with a gun and threatened to kill him. On May 7, he ran the victim’s daughter off the road on Highway 16 and kicked her car while threatening to kill her family. On May 9, Garcia blindsided the victim with a pipe and sent him to the hospital with an orbital and nose fracture before getting away. He stalked the residence until May 16, when he beat victim over the head many times with a baseball bat and large socket wrench sending him to the hospital with many injuries.

After Garcia’s conviction, the jury then heard evidence of 13 other crimes Garcia committed along with numerous other arrests for thefts, drugs, evading and resisting arrest, threats to officers, gun-related offenses and assaults. The jury sentenced Garcia to 12 years in prison.

“We ask people summoned for jury duty to please show up and be willing to serve. Jurors that are committed to being fair and impartial, but also wanting to protect the safety of our community are vital to the criminal justice system. Jurors are the final line of defense against people like Garcia,” said Louis. “The justice system fails without the service of our jurors and potential jurors. We are thankful for their service.”

Louis extended special appreciation to ADAs Bradlee Thornton and Brett Pattillo for their hard work in preparing and presenting the case, as well as the dedication of Chief Investigator Roland Trevino. She also extended her appreciation of the thorough investigation by the Jourdanton Police Department, Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, Pleasanton Police Department, Texas Highway Patrol, Poteet Police Department and the San Antonio Police Department for their testimony and hard work on prior arrests and convictions of Garcia.

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