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Since last May 2014, there have been two undercover operations involving illegal gambling in our county.

These gaming houses, filled with machines much like the ones in Las Vegas, are illegal when they pay out any type of cash or prizes/gift cards that are worth more than $5.

Joining the Sheriff’s Department on the raid made me feel sorry for the patrons who frequent these businesses.

But, much like most that aren’t “good” for you – who am I to judge?

Still, when the Sheriff mentioned that some of the tips they receive are from loved ones. They call to complain that there family member is spending hard earned wages to try to make more.

I don’t understand it. When I’ve been to Vegas, I have a very hard time putting money into the machines or just about anything there. I’m just not cut out to gamble.

I think about what most people say about the odds of winning in Vegas – “How do you think all the casinos can afford to power the millions of lights and the air conditioning escaping into the open air?”

Yup. We all contribute to their budgets. The way I see it, I hope the gaming business leaves our area. While gamblers think they are winning some, they are losing more than just money at times.

Many thanks to our local law enforcement for doing their jobs each and every day.

To honor these men and women, we are starting a special feature this week highlighting our local Chiefs and Sheriff called “Behind the Badge”.

This column will be their space to say what is on their minds, share trends that are going on in the law enforcement world, educate us on new laws or sometimes just share an anecdote about their jobs.

This week we start it off with Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser on page 2A .

We hope you will enjoy it and other features that will be added soon.

SUE BROWN is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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