Future of Leming campus undecided

Pleasanton ISD Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith led a group of about 12 on Dec. 6, to discuss the future of the Leming campus.

In August, the pre-kindergarten program in Leming was relocated to the Pleasanton Primary School.

Clinesmith said the issue is what to do now with the Leming school. She discussed some of the considerations, such as using it as the Leming Community Center.

Some possibilities include:

•Adult literacy classes through Region 20, GED and English classes

•Atascosa Health Clinic satellite

•Mental health services

•Child abuse forensics

•Senior citizen activities

•Head Start Headquarters

•Food bank satellite

•Leming museum

•Lease out for community functions (not individuals, weddings, etc.)

•Lease out for industry courses such as CPR, etc.

•Pleasanton ISD programs:

-Beyond the Bell, which is an after-school program from 4-6 p.m. for grades pre-kindergarten through fourth

-Homework, afterschool snacks, supervised play, computer access

-Parent computer access (Parent Portal for grade and attendance monitor)

-Parent supervised computer access for students

-Summer reading setting (air conditioned) for children ages 3-10 with parent

-Summer lunch program

“All these are possibilities,” said Clinesmith.

Atascosa County Commissioner Lonnie Gillespie asked about those in the private sector using it. Clinesmith said that, too, is a consideration.

PISD currently maintains the property by watering the grounds and providing security.

“The cost involved is not a high cost, but these groups and the Leming community need to tell me, is this what they want? Maybe they have other ideas,” said Clinesmith.

She added, “Do we put it on the tax roll and sell it, or do we move forward and do something else?”

The only other costs if it is used would be a person managing it, a person to handle scheduling and custodian costs. If certain groups acquire it, grants may be possible to offset costs.

Gillespie said the county does need more office space, but the distance may be an issue. He also mentioned the possibiilty of DPS using it.

Clinesmith said the health clinic and Region 20 are both very interested. Region 20 has offered to lead classes there, but they need to know if the desire is there.

She did meet with the City of Pleasanton, but the campus is not in the city limits. Clinesmith also emphasized that PISD is not looking to make money through the Leming campus.

Clinesmith said her next step is to ask the entities if they are generally interested. Then, she will take that plan and bring it back to the community after the holidays. The need to advertise the upcoming meeting better was also discussed.

“Yes, there is a market to sell. However, I need a community meeting and input before we decide what to do. I wanted to honor the Leming community and those that have an emotional tie to it,” said Clinesmith.

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