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Early voting has begun for State Senator in our Senate District. We now have the prospect of electing a Republican to the office of State Senator – Peter Flores. He has vowed to work with the Governor and Lt. Governor to fix the property tax system and ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely. Peter Flores will tell you that he is not a career politician; rather he has pursued a lifetime of proven, public service. Retired from the Game Warden service at the top of his profession as a Colonel, he now seeks to continue his lifetime of service to our community. He is a regular fellow; the same issues that affect each of us on a daily basis, one of the most important of which is the broken property tax system, affect him.

Peter Flores has traveled the District extensively. His service as Game Warden has prepared him for this time and this challenge. He has worked throughout the District and was assigned to Atascosa County in the past. He has good working relationships with many people in the area including, ranchers, law enforcement and us regular folks. He served in Austin at the pinnacle of his career where he learned “how sausage was made” during the “four sessions” he lived and worked there.

Electing a Republican to the Senate has many ramifications for us all. His election will make history. He will be the first Republican to be elected since Reconstruction, and the first peace officer, in modern times, to be elected to the Senate. He will be the first Senator from Atascosa County. Peter Flores is pro-life and pro-family. He believes that our children deserve a quality education. We have a chance to be part of history, elect a qualified, capable man to the Senate and to have honest and fair representation in the Texas State Senate. Let’s go vote Atascosa County – let’s show up at the polls and let our voices be heard. VOTE PETER FLORES for State Senator!

MARIAN KNOWLTON is the Atascosa County Republican Party Chairman and the Committeewoman for the State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 19. You may E-mail her at

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