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Early voting for the special runoff election begins next week, September 10th. This election, for State Senator for Senate District 19, is in many ways, the most important election in the history of the Senate District, especially for Republicans. Republicans, now is the time to step up. Now is the time to stay strong! Now is the time to become warriors for Peter Flores who is a candidate for that office. As many of you know, Peter Flores retired as a Colonel Game Warden, Director of Law Enforcement in 2012. That position is the CHIEF Game Warden in the entire State of Texas – no small feat for a country fella from Laredo, Texas. Peter rose to the top of his field through hard work, a straight moral compass, and ethics that transcended cronyism. Peter Flores is not a career politician; rather he has been a career public servant and it is in that spirit that he seeks to represent the citizens of Senate District 19.

As Peter traveled the outlying counties of SD 19, many folks asked him if he would return to see them if elected. That scenario suggests that the people have not had representation. When Peter is elected, we will finally get representation – every one of us, because that is his record of service.

Retired Sheriff D’Wayne Jernigan told me the following about Peter: “Since 2009 I’ve worked hard to stay out of politics. But when my very good friend Pete Flores reached out to me for help he must have caught me in a weak moment. But how do you tell a LEADER like PETE FLORES, “No” after he helped Val Verde County & me out in such a big way during the flood of ’98 & again later when we were being overrun on the border by an invasion of trans-national thugs. With his agency’s help we cut crime in Val Verde County 65%. He is a man of his word & all Val Verde County can show their gratitude by turning out in force supporting his candidacy.”

We, in Atascosa County, need to show up in force and vote for this fine man. His election will MAKE HISTORY: 1) He will be the FIRST State Senator from Atascosa County; 2) He will be the FIRST Hispanic Republican to serve in the Texas State Senate; 3) He will be the FIRST Republican to be elected to the State Senate from this District since the end of the Civil War; & 4) He will be the only peace officer to be elected to the Texas Senate in modern history.

Fellow Republicans – it is up to us. Be a part of history. Get out and vote for PETER FLORES!

MARIAN KNOWLTON is the Atascosa County Republican Party Chairman and the Committeewoman for the State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 19. You may E-mail her at

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