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This week will begin a weekly column with the goal of reaching more residents. The City of Pleasanton’s Facebook page (City of Pleasanton – Public Works Department) is effective, but we are certain that we can reach even more residents with this column. The Public Works Department would like to thank the Pleasanton Express for their enthusiastic assistance.

I am John A. Sanchez, the Public Works Coordinator. I am the assistant to the Public Works Director. Under the Public Works umbrella is the Water Department, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Streets Department, the Parks Department, Animal Control and the Municipal Airport. When I receive a call, I will document it in my work log and then get the word to the appropriate superintendent. That having been said, I will begin this column with perhaps the biggest question of all: How do I get a hold of the Public Works Department? The Public Works Department can be reached via telephone at 830-569- 3155. If you are reporting a sewer back-up, a water leak, dirty water or no water pressure at all, please call City Hall at 830-569- 3867. The clerks will create a service order to initiate the process before they call us to fix the problem. However, we understand that you may not get through because City Hall handles so much more than the aforementioned problems. If that’s the case, then call me at the Public Works number. I will get the ball rolling.

If there is an Animal Control issue such as a stray dog, feral cats or a dead animal on the street or highway, call the Public Works number. I am also the Animal Control dispatcher; I will get the officer to alleviate the problem. Rest assured I will be addressing Animal Control issues in this column.

For the Wastewater Plant, the Parks Department and the Municipal Airport, I cannot answer any specific questions; if I receive a call I will either transfer it to the appropriate department or I will take a message and get it to the superintendent.

At the risk of sounding cliché, I am serious when I say that your call is very important to us. Please do not get frustrated if you call and I do not answer the first time. I am usually on the phone taking other calls, so please leave me a voicemail; I will respond as soon as possible. If you are calling after hours (after 5 p.m.) or on weekends, please call the Pleasanton Police Department at 830-569-3869. They will get a hold of the appropriate on-call people for resolution.

JOHN SANCHEZ is the Public Works Coordinator for the City of Pleasanton. You may contact him at 830-569-3155 or

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