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This week I will discuss the topic of street construction to include pothole repair.

The Streets Department, a more-than-capable crew led by Streets Superintendent Juan Delgado, has come a long way in the past three-plus years. Most of the street construction was outsourced before then, but Juan, an experienced street construction expert, arrived and taught an inexperienced crew how to properly lay down hot-mix asphalt. The result was substantial savings of time and money.

Naturally, Public Works is looking at which streets around town need repair. We have quite the list to keep us busy for years to come.

The Streets Department crew is a relatively small one, consisting of 10 people (including the superintendent and the foreman). Juan does an outstanding job of assigning the appropriate number of employees to particular tasks; however, on the days when we are conducting street construction, we may require all hands on deck, as we say in the Navy. This is going on right now with the construction on Oak Valley Drive. That having been said, we ask that you all exercise extreme caution when traversing through the area. We have barricades set up, heavy machinery in operation and personnel working. If we have to, we will contact the Pleasanton Police Department to help us monitor and control the traffic.

Pothole repair is less of a grand operation than street construction. Usually a two-man crew will patrol a particular street and tackle the potholes, both large and small. We have tack oil that we pour into the pothole, and then we lay down the cold mix asphalt. Unfortunately, more often than not, this tends to be a temporary fix. Cold mix asphalt will eventually wash out with rain or will eventually break up due to the makeup of the surrounding asphalt and soil underneath, and you will see the Streets Department back on the scene repairing the potholes.

If you have potholes on your street that need repair, please call City Hall at 830-569-3867 and request a service order. If you have trouble getting through, you can call me at 830-569-3155, and I will ensure that the Streets Department gets the message. We here at Public Works take pride in our work, and the Streets Department is no exception.

JOHN SANCHEZ is the Public Works Coordinator for the City of Pleasanton. You may contact him at 830-569-3155 or

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