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Much like my friend and our former Sports Editor Maggie Rodriguez, I am a diehard Houston Astros fan.

I have died through the 100-loss seasons and am currently living through the golden age of professional baseball in Houston. The Astros acquired Cy Young candidate Zack Greinke at the trade deadline and immediately became the odds-on favorite to win the World Series.

During a sports meeting at the paper, I got the notification the Astros had made the blockbuster trade and jumped out of my chair, scaring anyone in the office. I was ecstatic and knew what it meant for the club I’ve loved literally since I was born.

So, two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to go home to Houston and take in the Astros series-opening game against the Mariners. They tied a club record with six home runs in a game and did that this past weekend against Baltimore.

My group of friends and I showed up really early to our usual pregame meeting place — we were extremely bored on a Friday. After hanging out and catching up at the watering hole, we set out for the game.

We made sure to get to the gate early because they were giving away replica Nolan Ryan jerseys. After grabbing the free swag, we set out to the team store to buy some more.

All of us were asking what the others thought of a certain hat or t-shirt.

After finding a really nice-looking retro Astros hat circa 1980 and deciding to buy it, I turned around and saw what I never knew I wanted — a Greinke jersey fresh from the seamstress.

Much unlike Maggie and myself, my best friend from college is not an Astros fan. Rather, he’s a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Greinke’s previous club.

After making the highly impulsive purchase, he was the first one who got a picture of me donning Greinke’s new threads.

His response was simple. “I hate you,” he said with jealousy and a slight pinch of love.

It may seem cruel to rub it in, but that’s what best friends do, honestly. My team is better than yours and you have to let your friends from rival fanbases know it.

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